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Auction Explorer is the first and only Internet Explorer Add-on for eBay.
Now you have access to the advanced eBay search features right
from within Internet Explorer.  Easily save and navigate searches on
your terms.  You can even sync your eBay Watches
and Bids with one click access! 

Stay on top of your auctions with Auction Explorer for eBay.

  Works right within Internet Explorer!  One click access
to the hidden search features on eBay.
  Auction Explorer will save you over 15 mouse clicks
when trying to duplicate the searches on eBay!
  Regional Searches by Postal Code!
  International Support: Australia, Canada, France,
Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States. 
More to come!
  Many search combinations available and the ability to
save those searches for later use!
  Remembers your search preferences so you can
quickly search eBay for your favorite items on your terms!
  Sync your eBay Watches and Bids right from within the add-on
  Bar none, this is the best add-on to Internet Explorer
and eBay.  This is better than the eBay Toolbar!
  Leave SEARCH FOR blank and click a category and see everything in that category.  Now enter your postal code and see that category in your area!


My goal is 100,000 downloads so
I am giving it away for FREE!

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